Take A Glimpse At This One Of A Kind Ford GT!

In the automotive industry, Ford has recently decided to make this unexpected announcement by bringing back one of its more appreciated nameplates in the Ford GT in the year 2017. We are truly in great expectation of what all is about to happen in the upcoming year, as seeing how the latest and biggest in the GT had begun to overflow the streets.
For now, all we know is what the outer appearance of this car will be and that Ford has made this disputable decision to get rid of the v8 and substituting it with a 3.5 L Eco-Boost twin charged v6. It seems like finally everything is perfectly arranged, the blanks are all filled up so apparently, all we have left is to see a bunch of these incredible cars rolling off the assembly lines into the hands of fanatics who would gladly enjoy boasting with one of their own.
What we have here in the video displayed below, is the first customer ever who had this Ford GT rolling down in the streets. We are so eager to see these RWD super powerful beauties hitting the road in wild movements and how this kind of power actually allowances for the bigger displacement cars to prove worthy of the choice we made.

Check out in this video on the next page and you can get this real life experience while seeing this Ford GT that is now to become a big star on the streets with 500 vehicles to be I built in the year to come. Enjoy watching it!