The Ryno – A One Wheeled Transportation Machine For The Next Generation


An urban machine for your urban freedom. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you THE RYNO. With 160 lbs dry weight, 260 lbs capacity and 6.0 hour charge time, including led headlights and a custom steel frame, it’s a machine invented, built and based on nothing but a dream.
Chris Hoffman from Portland, Oregon was given this genius idea by his 13 year old daughter. She had seen a one wheel motorcycle in a video game and asked her father whether it was possible to build such a thing. Hoffman decided to take all matters in his hands. Being a self taught engineer with 15 years of experience in auto industry accepted the challenge vigorously. Gathering components and building as far as three prototypes, took him 6 years.

The result was this amazing product with sleek, unique Sci-Fi look which in spite of its appearance is quite simple and practical. You can ride it anywhere you can walk.