Police Vehicles Destroyed By A Very Angry Man In His Dual Wheel Maxxum 255


On a daily basis we are witnesses of disputes between people and police officers. Some end up quite peaceful, but we can say that for some others. This video shows one very angry man who decided not to forgive the police and to take justice into his hands.
So the whole situation takes place in Vermont, near the border with Canada, in a small town called Newport. This guy takes his dual wheel Maxxum 255 tractor and ran over marked police cruisers leaving them super damaged to the point of no return; the only place you can see those police cars from that moment on is in the graveyard. The tractor damaged the entire car, including the equipment, radars, cages, I mean everything.
So what happened to cause this kind of situation? The name of the guy who was angry enough to do the whole thing is Roger Pion and apparently he was known by the police. Prior to this he was detained for the possession of marijuana and resisting arrest and that is the reason why he did what he did. Luckily nobody was hurt during the incident.

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