Official News: Ford Bronco And Ford Ranger Are Coming Back


In the past, the likes of the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger were very important for the Ford product line. We could see many of the mini trucks and SUVs driving around on the road.
But, as time goes and consumers needs change, these two would probably fall their way out of the production line, and never to be heard from after 1996 and 2012… until today.
Road and Track give us the amazing news that a proposed contract from the last year between Ford and UAW or United Auto Workers hinted that Ford would introduce new versions of the Ranger pickup truck and Bronco 4×4. But when Donald Trump seized on the decision by Ford to relocate the small car production to Mexico during the Presidential debate, the United Auto Workers confronted with some fact-inspecting, and in the process, proved the return of Ranger and Bronco.
While Trump’s complaints about Ford cutting United States jobs were not specifically obout the money, the Focus and C-Max production will be moved to Mexico very soon, at which point the development of the Ranger and Bronco will continue in their production plants in Detroit without any job lost.
With all types of renderings, both Ford produced and fan produced alike, guaranteeing a new Bronco, it is really inspiring that the SUV will be making a return on the roads in the states together with the Ranger.
Now you know that it is just a matter of time, the only stuff left to be seen is how those people will be building the machines and what they will look like. It is really exciting to see an example come back and how the brand will make some modern changes.

These two beauties will come in 2020 and that is much more closer than you might think.