New Way Of Opening Car Trunk – With A Shotgun


I am sure that every single one of us locked himself/ herself out of the car or simply lost the keys. In those situations you should think outside the box and try to unlock the car in some different way. Well the guy in this video found a solution but I am not sure about how safe it actually is.
This video is taken in West Virginia, United States of America, and the guy in it after having troubles with getting inside the car decides to take out his gun and to shoot one bullet inside. The whole situation resulted in lost lock and in a lot of smoke everywhere. The question of whether he unlocked the car or not is still hanging in the air.
Well now I would like to give a word of advice: Don`t try this at home. I find this method quite dangerous and unnecessary. I`d rather keep a spare key somewhere else and grab it in situations like this.

But in order to understand the whole thing you have to watch the video on next page yourself.