Must See Moment – A Tractor Crosses The Way Of A Racing Car


We may plan everything from every single little detail to the biggest thing, but we cannot foresee the future; and sometimes we have to stay calm and make the best out of an unexpected situation. That is what happens in this video.
The WRC driver in this video is Thierry Neuville, who is a well-known name in the world of the racing. His great skills and experience made the best out of a very dangerous situation. So this is what happened; Thierry was testing the car and the brakes of Hyundai i20 on a road among the vineyard in Germany. Suddenly out of the vineyard appears a tractor which crosses the road of the speeding racing car.
Apparently the driver of the tractor had work to do on the vineyard, collecting the grapes, and he didn`t expect to face this situation. Fortunately the great reflex of Thierry prevents tragedy and of course I would add that he had his guardian angel with him and that moment. Afterward he commented on Facebook that the whole situation wasn`t the scariest one so far and he added that when you decide to be a professional racing driver you have to be aware that these situations are likely to happen more often than you expect and all you have to do is react on time.

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