Insane Corvette Flyby On A Limitless Autobahn


When this Autobahn is a dream come true for all car fans, and the reason is quite simple – it doesn`t have a speed limit. That fact came quite handy for these two friends who dared their luck and tried something pretty crazy.
The first guy drives with around 100 mph, but he is not the one who we should be focused on. He pulls out his device so he can film his friend who decided to try to flyby with over 200 mph. Not only he thought of that, he actually did it. As you can see at the video when the corvette flies by it looks like the car, from which the video is being filmed, stay still. It all looks very dangerous but I can presume that that Autobahn is a piece of heaven for the adrenaline addicts.
Check the video and tell us would you dare to do something like it.