Explosion Blast On Highway! Truck With LPG Gas Cylinders Blows Up!


A truck transporting LPG gas cylinders hits a bus on a crowded highway!
The result –EXPLOSION. A repetitive, ongoing, never-ending EXPLOSION. It’s one of those accidents you can’t even imagine nor see in a Hollywood movie. It will leave you clinched and bone-chilled.
The second the truck hit the bus, some of the cars sped up, but the cars that were right behind it just stopped for the moment of shock. Then they did the same, they went as far as possible from the blasting cylinders which were flying, blasting in the air. Shrapnel is getting thrown with each blast, and the fire debris is quite scary even to watch. In a panic, one man leaves his car and literary walks away shocked and confused. The drivers of the other vehicles that were on the highway can’t control their car alarms. At some point when it seemed that the explosion was over, a police car arrives, but backs away the second the explosion resumed. All the people are standing by, watching and not believing their eyes, feeling helpless. The fire department arrives as well, but they are powerless against such a catastrophe.

It is a breath -taking, thrilling video of an explosion that we hope we will never experience.